Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Call Thomas Orr Floors for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Proper, consistent carpet cleaning and maintenance is critical to extending the life of your commercial carpet and maintaining the level of its appearance. Because commercial carpet receives many times the traffic of typical residential carpet it’s even more important to have a regular maintenance and cleaning program.

Your commercial carpet installation is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and the overall image of your facility. Thomas Orr Floors can help you maintain that investment with our commercial carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning professionals will remove dirt, stains and spills from the carpet, restoring the color and beauty of your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

We clean your carpets using the “Bonnet” or “dry” carpet cleaning system. Although not completely dry, bonnet cleaning is considered a low moisture carpet cleaning system. This allows for both thorough cleaning and rapid drying (usually 2-3 hour dry time).

Low moisture cleaning also reduces wicking, so when you walk on your newly cleaned carpet, stains do not reappear as dirt and moisture rise from a soggy pad. This also reduces the chances of Mold and Mildew formation that can occur with wet and steam cleaning methods.

A clean carpet makes a positive impression on both your employees and customers. Don’t rely upon just anyone with supermarket rental equipment to clean your public areas and office carpets. Hire professional carpet cleaners with the right equipment, training and experience. Call Thomas Orr Floors at (336) 816-8363 for your free, no obligation estimate.

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