Floor and Carpet Cleaning for Churches

Thomas Orr Floors provides professional carpet cleaning and floor maintenance for churches and houses of worship.

When it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere for first time visitors and your church members, clean carpets and shiny flooring can make a big difference. A clean sanctuary is a sanctuary from the outside world; it can help visitors feel comfortable and make existing members excited about inviting new people.

Your Sunday worship service may be the prime time when lots of foot traffic occurs, but your church may open at other times of the week for counseling sessions, staff meetings, choir practice, life groups and other activities that are constantly going on. It’s no surprise that your floors may not always look their best.

We offer comprehensive floor and carpet care services for churches and houses of worship, including:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Vinyl composition tile (VCT) cleaning and maintenance
  • Wax and polish stripping
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Quick Drying Carpet Cleaning

In churches, most of the dirt accumulates in foyers or between the pews and along the walkways, where heavy traffic is most common and church members tend to congregate. Without regular attention, carpet in these areas tend to wear out quickly.

We clean your carpets using the “Bonnet” or “dry” carpet cleaning system. Although not completely dry, bonnet cleaning is considered a low moisture carpet cleaning system. This allows for both very thorough cleaning and rapid drying (usually 2-3 hour dry time). We can clean your carpets on Saturday and your sanctuary will be clean, dry and fresh in time for Sunday services.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) and Hard Surface Cleaning

Vinyl Composition Tiles are a durable material and they provide many options when it comes to color and style, but proper cleaning and maintenance is important. Trying to clean vinyl composition tiles with the wrong chemicals or cleaning processes can turn the finish on your VCT floor surfaces dull and grimy. The good news is that in most cases, our professionally trained floor technicians can restore your floors to their original high gloss shine, eliminating the need for costly replacement.

Thomas Orr Floors can also clean and brighten ceramic tiles and grout to restore them to their initial beauty. Once cleaned, the tiles and grout can be sealed to maintain their finish. Whether the tiles are in entryways, kitchens or lavatories, our technicians will leave your hard surfaces sparkling clean.

You Focus on Higher Things, We’ll Do the Floors

Your church is open year-round— winter, summer, spring and fall; bringing the elements inside is unavoidable. Road salt, sand and mud can take a toll on your flooring. Without proper maintenance your carpets will quickly become worn and stained, and your floors will become scratched and dull. Thomas Orr Floors can help you be good stewards over your church building. We’ll work with you to design a regular church floor cleaning schedule that fits your needs and your budget. Contact us today

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