Tile and Grout Cleaning

While tile is one of the most popular and durable flooring options in use today, it isn’t maintenance free. When you mop tile floors, dirt, stains and grime are turned into a liquid that is soaked up by the porous grout. Every time you mop your floor, the grout lines get dirtier and darker.

Tile requires periodic deep cleaning and maintenance to eliminate the deeply penetrated dirt, grime and stains that leave your floors looking aged and dirty.

Thomas Orr Floors extracts the dirt from your tile floors, removing it from deep within the pores of the grout. Once grout is cleaned, we clean and polish your tile floors, and on request we seal them to help keep them clean longer.

Mopping your floors isn’t enough, because mopping leaves cleaning agent residue on the tile and grout areas, attracting more dirt. When you want your tile floors more than just clean, call Thomas Orr Floors at (336) 816-8363.

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