Carpet and Floor Care Training

In addition to performing Floor Care and maintenance services, Thomas Orr Floors provides Carpet and Floor Care training to both individuals and maintenance staff. Whether you are interested in starting a Floor Care business, or implementing an “in-house” maintenance program, we can help.

Facility Training Program

The staff at Thomas Orr Floors can conduct floor care training at your facility, using the same methods and techniques we use daily. This practical program will familiarize your employees with the flooring and surface coverings at your property, and instruct them in the proper methods for maintaining their appearance.

Your staff will learn techniques including:

  • Floor and Tile Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning and Spot Removal
  • Application and Removal of waxes and polishes
  • Concrete Cleaning and Sealing.

Contact Thomas Orr Floors to design a customized Floor Care training program for your maintenance staff.

Individual Training Program

There is a consistent demand for skilled Floor Care professionals. If you are interested in starting a Carpet Cleaning or Floor Care and maintenance business but don’t have the training, call us. Thomas Orr Floors conducts regular training in all areas of floor care and maintenance. We will instruct you in the same methods we use to satisfy our customers.

Why would we do this?

Our many years of experience at meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients has secured our reputation in the industry. By training other Floor Care companies to meet our high standards, we raise everyone’s performance and make it harder for the lesser companies and fly-by-night’s to remain in business. If you want to learn how to clean and maintain floors and carpets the right way, give us a call at (336) 816-8363 to learn more about our program.

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